Narrator: Moana Ete

Scriptwriting and voice artists: Ralph Upton, Joel Baxendale, Binge Culture

Sound design and original music: Oliver Devlin, Binge Culture

Te Papa curators: Rebecca Rice, Curator Historical NZ Art,  Megan Tamati-Quennell, Curator Modern & Contemporary Maori & Indigenous Art

UX design: Baastian van Druten, Head & Tail Design

Audio guide platform developer: Daniel Nash, Te Papa

Digital producer: Prue Donald, Te Papa

    • Introduction
      Ngā Tai Whakarongorua | Encounters

      Photograph by Kate Whitley, Te Papa.

    • William Hodges
      Waterfall in Dusky Bay with Maori canoe

      Oil on panel
      Purchased 2019 with assistance from Lottery Grants Board, Tuia 250 Fund (2019-0003-1)

    • Thanks to Rainer Spittel for the voice of Georg Forster

    • William George Baker
      Lake Manapouri

      Oil on canvas 
      Acquisition history unknown (1992-0035-1883)

    • Wayne Youle
      100 Red Blankets from the series What Do You Say Savages

      Ink and wax on Fabriano Tiepolo paper

      Te Papa (2013-0012-1/1) 

    • Messenger sisters
      Landscape with settlers

      Oil paint on particle board
      Purchased 1999 with New Zealand Lottery Grants Board funds (1999-0003-1)

    • Artist unknown
      Shaw’s house, Karekare

      Oil paint on canvas
      Purchased 2000 with New Zealand Lottery Grants Board funds (2000-0005-1)

    • William Strutt
      Landscape View of Mt Egmont, Taranaki, New Zealand, taken from New Plymouth, with Maoris driving off settlers’ cattle

      Oil paint on canvas
      Purchased 2015 (2015-0042-1)

    • Emily Karaka
      Nga Tapuwae o Mataoho

      Mixed media on canvas
      Purchased 2020 (2020-0020-2)

    • Thanks to Megan Tamati-Quennell, Curator Modern & Contemporary Maori & Indigenous Art for her interview with Joel Baxendale and Ralph Upton, Binge Culture Collective.

    • Matthew McIntyre-Wilson
      Maker Unknown

      Copper, silver wire
      Commissioned 2022

    • James McDonald
      Making hīnaki nets 1921

      Inkjet prints from gelatin negatives
      Te Papa Collection (MU000523)

    • Natalie Robertson
      Measurements of hīnaki in Te Rangihīroa’s notebook, 1923

      Inkjet print on gloss paper

      Purchased 2022

    • Matt Pine
      Trap work 1 from the series Trap Work 1982, realised by Bryan James 2022

      Aluminium strip, wire
      Commissioned 2022

    • Kate Newby
      She's Talking to the Wall

      Assorted clay, glaze, glass, thread, wire
      Purchased 2022

    • Thanks to Kate Newby for her interview with Hanahiva Rose, Assistant Art Curator